CNS Studio Trafalgar Law Figure

Get ready to strike Bigmom with Trafalgar Law's surgical abilities in this new collectible from "One Piece".

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Law CNS Studios

CNS Studio – Trafalgar Law

CNS Studio – Trafalgar Law has been announced! Trafalgar Law’s surgical ability is fully awakened, and Big Mom is about to suffer a devastating blow. – Trafalgar Law, “One Piece”
Law CNS Studios

Trafalgar Law is a male character in the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works. He is the captain of the Heart Pirates, one of the worst generation, and a user of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit, also known as the “Surgeon of Death.”

Law CNS Studios

Born in “White Town,” Law contracted the Amber Lead Syndrome as a child. After experiencing the pain of losing his loved ones, he joined the Donquixote family at the age of 10 to seek revenge against the world. He was later saved and influenced by his benefactor, Donquixote Rosinante, and left the Donquixote family at the age of 13 to establish the Heart Pirates and become renowned throughout the world.

Law CNS Studios

This figure is based on the 1056th episode of the anime, where Law’s Awakening Fruit ability is showcased. He releases a small ROOM in his hand and uses his “Anesthesia” skill to attach the ROOM to his sword, Kikoku. The overall design is quite handsome, with a circular effect created by the ROOM’s airflow, and the transparent effects on the surrounding ROOM pieces are remarkable. The details on the upper body are also impressive, with spiral wrinkles on the cuffs and a furry texture on the hat.

The deep blue cloak on his back has a strong sense of layering, and the flowing cape and wrinkles and shadows all over his body are well reproduced. The muscle lines of his right hand gripping Kikoku are clear and visible. The rock on the base is also realistically portrayed.

The snow leopard on the left side is Law’s representative animal, and the pattern on his hat is very similar to the fur of a snow leopard. Snow leopards are known as the kings of the snow mountains. Doesn’t Law’s calm gaze resemble that of a snow leopard hunting? The flower represented by Law is the orchid, which plays a crucial role in the Wano Country War.

Let’s take a closer look at Kikoku. The color control and texture of the blade part are well done, and the handle’s texture is also full of details.

Law CNS Studios

Are you all captivated by this handsome Awakening Law figure?   

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