ABsinthe Studios Diona Figure (NSFW)

Meet Diona, the Cat-Eared Bartender of 'Genshin Impact,' Mixing Magic and Mystery

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ABsinthe Studios Diona

Diona – ABsinthe Studios

Diona – ABsinthe Studios: Diona is a 4-star Cryo character in the game “Genshin Impact.” She is the immensely popular bartender of the “Cat’s Tail” tavern, a rising star in Mondstadt’s winemaking industry, and the greatest challenger to traditional powers.

ABsinthe Studios Diona

Diona is a cat-eared and cat-tailed girl from the town of Springvale. Any alcoholic drink prepared by her turns into an unimaginable delicacy. However, for someone who strongly dislikes alcohol, is this a “blessing” or a “curse”?

ABsinthe Studios Diona

Every time a patron enters the “Cat’s Tail” tavern, their gaze is inevitably drawn to the bar. This is because there often stands a cat-eared girl, swaying a shaker while wearing an unhappy expression.

ABsinthe Studios Diona

That is Diona, the rising star of Mondstadt’s winemaking industry and the greatest challenger to traditional powers, the bartender. However, making delicious drinks is not her intention; quite the opposite, in fact.

ABsinthe Studios Diona

Her cocktail recipes seem “incredible” to outsiders. But in Diona’s own eyes, it’s more like, “I’m really trying to ruin that disgusting liquid.”

ABsinthe Studios Diona

But regardless of the type of alcohol, as long as it’s prepared by Diona, it turns into an unimaginable delicacy. It’s a “blessed constitution,” and this constitution causes Diona a great deal of trouble.

ABsinthe Studios Diona

Because, for Diona, who calls herself the “wine industry killer,” her ultimate goal is to single-handedly destroy the entire wine industry in Mondstadt.

ABsinthe Studios Diona

Will this adorable cat girl ever return home?

ABsinthe Studios Diona ABsinthe Studios Diona ABsinthe Studios Diona

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