Unleashing the Power: A Closer Look at TES Ichigo Kurosaki Figure with LED Effects Base

Discover the Stunning Details and Dynamic Features of this Must-Have Soul Reaper Figure

by Gkloop
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In the anime “Bleach”, the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, starts his career as a Soul Reaper after encountering Rukia Kuchiki, another Soul Reaper. Through a series of battles, Ichigo gradually becomes stronger, but this is not by chance. It is his destiny to be different from others.

He is a hybrid of a human (a pure-blood Quincy) and a Soul Reaper, born from the union of his parents. However, his mother, Masaki Kurosaki, was attacked by a Hollow that had been modified by Sosuke Aizen before Ichigo was born, triggering her own Hollowfication, and as a result, Ichigo also has the power of the Hollow inside him. He possesses the ability to perceive, hear, touch, and speak with spirits, making him a highly advanced spiritual being.


The clothing wrinkles on the character are very well done, and the hair texture is also very clear, adding a lot of realism to the entire figure. The proportions of the body are relatively accurate, and the large area of the uniform coverage makes the figure look more solid.

The flowing Soul Reaper uniform is very dynamic, presenting a strong aura, and the facial features of the figure are also very well done in terms of sculpting.

The blue line special effects also add to the overall momentum of the figure, and the raised cloak presents a shape that is blown up by the airflow. The wrinkles and texture on the cloak are also very natural.

Even in poorly lit areas, it doesn’t matter because this TES-made Ichigo Kurosaki figure comes with a special effects LED light base that uses LED parts to create an amazing visual effect.

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