A Beautiful and Emotional Painting of “Together to the Moon” from Cyber Punk

Recreating a Classic Scene from the Animation in Stunning Detail

by Gkloop
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Xingkong Studio has started selling a “Together to the Moon” themed framed painting for “Cyber Punk”. The picture is beautiful and very emotional, conveying the serene atmosphere of the silent universe exceptionally well!

This “Together to the Moon” framed painting is sized 55×44 centimeters, and the main image features Lucyna Kushinada wearing a spacesuit on the moon, with David Martinez’s figure reflected in the helmet visor. It can be said that this painting captures the classic ending scene of the animation.

Lucyna’s gaze in the painting is both stunning and colorful. Tears can be seen floating in zero gravity within her helmet, and above Lucyna’s head, the reflection of the blue Earth can be seen.

In the helmet visor, David can be seen smiling as he holds Lucyna’s hand, fulfilling their promise to go to the moon together. Although this scene was fleeting and unreal like a bubble in the animation, it is enough to soothe the pain in one’s heart.

Below the image, there is a reproduced signature in director Yuasa Masaaki’s handwriting (printed, not handwritten), as well as an anti-counterfeiting metal sticker from Xingkong Studio.

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