Reviewing Myethos’ 1/10 Scale Blade of Broken Mirrors – Mirror Figure

A Faithful and Elegant Replication of the King of Glory Hero

by Gkloop
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Blade of Broken Mirrors – Mirror” is a hero character in the mobile game “King of Glory”. Myethos, previously released the Gift+ series of Yun Cai and Gong Sun Li figures. Recently, they have also launched a Mirror figure. Let’s take a look at its performance together!

This “Blade of Broken Mirrors – Mirror” figure is in 1/10 scale, with a height of approximately 19cm. The size is not considered very large.

As I introduced before, the Gift+ series mainly focuses on restoring characters in 1/10 scale. The small and flexible design makes it easier to collect and display them in daily life.

Yes, if they could release more characters from “King of Glory” in the future, it would be great to display them together. It would make a nice collection for fans of the game, especially with the small and flexible design of the Gift+ series, which allows for easy and creative arrangements.

Looking back at the figure itself, the pose and action design are quite elegant. The overall posture is standing with the weapon held in hand.

The cross-legged stance and the slightly tilted angle of the head make the figure’s standing posture look more dynamic, and not rigid or static.

The clothing design of the figure is very faithful to the game’s setting. It captures the details and essence of the character’s outfit, such as the armor, the cloak, and the intricate patterns on the clothes. It shows a great level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The surface of the clothing also has patterns that replicate the shape of mirror fragments, which is a nice touch. In addition, the inner part of the black bodysuit also has gold lines that correspond to the character design in the game, further enhancing the overall quality of the figure.

Of course, the head sculpt is the most important aspect that fans are concerned about. The hairstyle and accessories of the character are faithfully replicated in the figure, and the hair has a gradient effect that makes it look more realistic and dynamic. The attention to detail in the head sculpt is impressive, and it captures the character’s likeness very well.


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