Slam Dunk Fans Rejoice: Mitsui Hisashi’s MVP Performance Immortalized in Latest Eden Studio Figure

A Closer Look at the Incredible Attention to Detail in the Slam Dunk Mitsui Hisashi Figure by Eden Studio

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Slam Dunk, the classic basketball manga that captured the hearts of many fans, has been given new life with the recent release of Eden Studio’s second figure in their comic coloring series. This time, the focus is on Mitsui Hisashi, the talented and tenacious shooting guard of the Shohoku High School basketball team. The figure features Mitsui in his most memorable moment, where he made a dramatic comeback in a crucial game against the Sannoh High School basketball team.

As described in the previous conversation, the attention to detail in the figure is impressive. The muscle lines of Mitsui’s arms and legs are intricately detailed with a two-dimensional manga texture. Even the sweat on his body is realistically represented with large beads. The figure also captures the tragic and heroic atmosphere of the game with its background and dialogue bubbles, which are reminiscent of the original manga.

The back of the figure showcases Mitsui in the iconic moment where he shoots a three-point shot, adding even more excitement for fans who want to collect all members of the Shohoku team.

Fans of Slam Dunk and Mitsui Hisashi should not miss out on this incredible figure. It perfectly captures the MVP performance that made Mitsui one of the most beloved characters in the series.

The comic coloring series of “Slam Dunk” by Eden Studio has recently released its second installment, “MVP Comeback” featuring Mitsui Hisashi, following the first one featuring Sakuragi Haruko. This Mitsui edition is being directly sold as stock with limited quantities, which may sell out at any time. The design of Mitsui Hisashi from Eden Studio is taken from the stills of the match between Shohoku and Sannoh in the manga. In a critical situation where the main scoring point of the team was suppressed, Shohoku relied on Mitsui Hisashi to forcefully output 25 points with his unreasonable three-point shots, making him the absolute MVP of the game! Compared to the original manga, this two-dimensional colored version of Mitsui Hisashi is highly restored in terms of muscle shape and facial expressions. Although he appears tired, he still relies on his indomitable perseverance and excellent shooting touch to turn the tide of the game. This game can be said to be the most outstanding performance of Mitsui Hisashi in the entire “Slam Dunk” series!

The basketball hoop in the background, along with Mitsui’s stern and vigilant expression in the foreground, gives a sense of a last stand and a tragic atmosphere. The dialogue bubbles in the background, as well as the “Man of Flames” title in the lower right corner, also have a strong resemblance to the original manga. Mitsui’s arms and legs are detailed with muscle lines that have a two-dimensional manga texture, and large beads of sweat can be seen on his body.

On the back of the statue, there is a super cool still image of Mitsui shooting a three-point shot! If you collect all the members of the Shohoku team, the combination of their backgrounds is also very interesting to look at.

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