Exploring the Chaos: Tsume – Buggy the Clown

An Exciting Tale of Battles, Betrayals, and Hidden Treasures

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Tsume buggy the clown


Tsume’s “One Piece” series will set sail again in 2023, embarking on a new voyage and introducing the first popular villain character of the year, “Buggy The Clown” from the “Buggy Pirate Crew – HQS Dioramax” 1/4 scale large multi-character scene set. The entire work scene integrates the story elements of the Buggy Pirate Crew’s confrontation with Luffy in the “East Blue” chapter of the anime. Captain Buggy, Vice Captain Mohji, Chief of Staff Cabaji, and the lion-like mount Richie all seem to be using their own character traits to compete for the “center stage” of the entire statue. Buggy’s “Bara Bara no Mi” fruit effect is perfectly presented in the middle of the statue, and a 1/4 scale is used to make the statue 75cm tall. The worldwide limited edition is 1000 pieces, and the official pre-sale will start at 5 pm in the afternoon. Don’t miss it if you are a fan!

Tsume buggy the clown

Studio: TSUME

Character: Tsume – Buggy the Clown

Scale: 1/4

Materials: high-quality resin, PVC

Worldwide limited edition: 1000 pieces

Official price: CNY 14,300

Deposit: CNY 2,860

Product size: L52W57H75 cm

Domestic pre-sale time: February 18, 2023, at 5 pm

Estimated shipping time: second quarter of 2024 to second quarter of 2025.

Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown

Tsume – Buggy the Clown

Tsume buggy the clown

The Tsume team has unearthed Buggy’s first fruit ability opponent from the “East Blue” chapter where he first appeared and met Luffy. This statue represents Captain Buggy and his crew’s spectacular confrontation with Luffy in the town of Loguetown in the East Blue, making Buggy his first enemy! This clown crew highlights the comical and bizarre abilities of Buggy and his eccentric companions! We see this troublemaker captain using the strange power of the fragmented devil fruit. When he and Shanks became former apprentice members of the Roger Pirates, this fruit was accidentally swallowed by Buggy. His clown-like makeup highlights his cunning gaze, revealing his dirty intentions: it’s time to celebrate again! Buggy wears gorgeous stage costumes, a long circular motion jacket, a matching pirate hat, a red and white striped t-shirt like a circus tent, and loose light blue dyed pants. He announces a spectacular performance that is sure to surprise you!

Tsume buggy the clown

Buggy used his fragmented fruit ability to swing his two fists and eight knives towards his enemies, and his fruit ability allowed him to cut his body into pieces to better hit his targets. He even pulled out sharp blades from his shoes and kicked them towards his enemies with great fanfare! As one bad trick always hides another, he fired an explosive bag ball from the heel of his foot. With the power of his cannonballs and devil fruit, he surely learned some good lessons on conquering the sea!

Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clownBehind him, the chief of staff Kabaji prepared a chilling trick with his unicycle carnival skills! The agile chief of staff stared at him coldly, smiling coldly, balancing his unicycle, spinning his plaid scarf, and inviting Zoro to challenge him. He held a sharp sword in one hand and a razor-sharp spinning top in the other, all to prove that he was the best swordsman and could win by cheating, even if it meant cheating! Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown

After losing to Luffy in their competition, the vice captain, Mohji, became a burden to the captain. He found himself relegated to the position of human cannonball, and the red-painted Buggy ball he was supposed to be launched from was defunct. He was known for being able to tame the fiercest beasts, but he couldn’t even get the wild little Richie to move with him!

Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clownMohji is usually very confident, but here the first mate was sweating all over, dominated by fear. His white hair was shaped like polar bear ears, making him look more like a little bear searching for his mother. As he prayed for the wick to go out, his giant mount, the lion-like creature Shishilian, was kicked by the captain after losing in a match against his new ally Luffy. Tsume buggy the clown

This beast has dull, blood-red eyes, rough purple mane, and many broken fangs, looking almost as fierce as its weeping beast tamer.

Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown

Finally, we found all the elements of this lively encounter at the base: the dust and debris of the houses flattened for fun by the Buggy ball pushed by the captain’s cannon, the red and black lacquered tent top, even the open treasure chest and all the precious berries, jewels, and gold scattered by brave Nami as she tried to steal it, like a nautical map! As the ultimate treasure, a berry with the crew’s emblem sits in the center of the painted red border. Despite these obstacles, the future ocean warlords have more than one trick up their sleeves! The curtain is still open, the show must go on, and the clown, the clown intends to have the last laugh! Hahaha!!!

Tsume buggy the clown Tsume buggy the clown

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