Zhijie’s Studio Launches Realistic Psyduck Figures

Get ready to add these adorable and realistic Psyduck figure to your Pokémon collection.

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If you’re a fan of Pokémon and cute figures, you’re in luck! Zhijie’s Studio has just released their second product in their realistic Pokémon series – a new line of Psyduck figures!

Following the success of their first product, Cubone, Zhijie’s Studio has recently launched their new line of Psyduck figures. These figures are available in two colors – regular and shiny – and are absolutely adorable with their dopey expressions and silly poses.

These realistic Psyduck figures are 13cm tall and are beautifully crafted with intricate feather details, a beak, and webbed feet that look just like the real thing. Despite the realistic design, the figures maintain Psyduck’s signature expression and pose, with rich and detailed overall design, giving a fresh feeling.

What makes these figures stand out is the attention to detail. The blood vessels around the eyes and the two feathers on the head have been given a realistic touch, making them look even more lifelike. And if you can’t decide between the regular or shiny version, both are available for purchase, with unique paint jobs from the base to the scene.

Overall, Zhijie’s Studio has once again shown their commitment to creating high-quality and realistic Pokémon figures that are both adorable and true to the characters. These Psyduck figures are a must-have for any Pokémon fan or figures collector, so don’t

PsyduckThe realistic Psyduck figure is 13cm tall and feature intricate feather details, along with a beak and webbed feet that are true to life. Despite the realistic design, Psyduck’s dopey expression remains unchanged, and the classic pose of holding its head is present, with rich and detailed overall design, giving a fresh feeling. PsyduckThe figure have detailed blood vessels around their eyes, and the two feathers on their head have been given a realistic touch. In addition to the regular version, the shiny version is also available for purchase, with different paint jobs from the base to the scene. PsyduckPsyduck Psyduck PsyduckThe regular version of the Psyduck figure is priced at 480 yuan, while the shiny version costs 520 yuan. The estimated shipment date is May.

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