RP Studios Fat Buu Figure

Taking a close look at this Fat Buu figure from Dragon Ball, with the amazing ability to float in the air!

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RP Studios Majin Buu

Fat Buu – RP Studios

RP Studios, in collaboration with Magnet X, has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations. From the Dragon Ball series, we have Fat Buu, with an amazing feature that fans will enjoy! Here are the specs of this Fat Buu figure!

Studio: RP Studios x Magnet X
Product Name: Maglev Fat Majin Buu – Dragon Ball Statue – RP Studios
Material: ABS + PVC + PU + Magnet
Projected Shipping Date: Q3 (September) 2024 Estimated

RP Studios Majin Buu RP Studios Majin Buu

After plugging in the figure, Majin Buu can truly float in the air, very exquisite and cute.

RP Studios Majin Buu

This Fat Buu has a main body height of 9.2 cm and a length of 15 cm. Its round and chubby figure in a flying posture looks especially funny. After the base is powered on and aligned, it can make Buu float in the air and can automatically rotate 360 degrees!

RP Studios Majin Buu RP Studios Majin Buu

This is a great figure for Dragon Ball fans to collect.  For those who are interested, take action now!

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