AniMester Nangong Cherry Figure

Discover the Allure of AniMeister's newcomer in their popular lineup of original designs, Nangong Cherry!

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AniMester Nangong Cherry

Nangong Cherry – AniMester

Nangong Cherry – AniMester: AniMeister continues their impressive lineup of original design figures.  The newest in their line comes Nangong Cherry, in an alluring Cheongsam outfit. The pursuit eye technique + dual hand gripping meat shaping creates a charming and irresistible appeal, and at an unbeatable price, there is absolutely no reason not to buy!

AniMester Nangong Cherry

This Nangong Cherry features a back-facing silhouette design that highlights the body’s curves. The sheen of the cheongsam, combined with the hazy color of the stockings, creates a beautiful contrast.

AniMester Nangong Cherry

The aqua-blue eyes, enhanced by the pursuit eye technique, appear clear and translucent. The blushing glance and turning motion add a lot of charm to the expression.

AniMester Nangong Cherry

The cheongsam depicts fabric folds around the waist, elbows, and other areas, emitting a luxurious silk-like sheen that is very eye-catching.

AniMester Nangong Cherry

As the torso twists, the natural and vivid folds formed around the waist are particularly appealing. Details such as the rounded abdomen and navel are also exquisite touches.

AniMester Nangong Cherry

The gripping meat shaping on the back cannot be shown here, but it is undoubtedly the highlight of this work! Available in a very reasonable price range, AniMester has developed the design and craftsmanship of this figure to the extreme, and the cost performance is truly remarkable.

AniMester Nangong Cherry

If you’re a fan of this figure, take action now!

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