XBD Studio Fat Buu Figure

Delve into the Playful Might and Innocent Ferocity of Dragon Ball's Majin Buu

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XBD Studio Fat Buu

Fat Buu – XBD Studio

Fat Buu – XBD Studio: The attire and physique of this character resemble the characteristics of the Grand Supreme Kai. Later, he was sealed by Bibidi, but many years later, he was awakened by Babidi using the energy from the battles of Son Goku and Vegeta. Childish and naive, with limited knowledge and cognitive abilities, greedy and playful, lacking the judgment and inclination of good and evil, engaging in battles and destruction with a simple enjoyment mindset.

XBD Studio Fat Buu

When mentioning various characters from the classic anime series “Dragon Ball,” one character that cannot be overlooked is a highly recognizable one in the series. “Majin Buu,” and this time what we have is Fat Buu.

XBD Studio Fat Buu

The facial paint details are excellently executed. Buu’s skin uses a light pink base color with darker pink shades added to create surface depth, and most of the shine is in pink areas.

XBD Studio Fat Buu

The upper body, including the vest and the body, are distinct models, not differentiated solely by color. This approach makes the model look more three-dimensional and sharply defined. The vest section is textured with detailed depiction, presenting a very convincing texture.

XBD Studio Fat Buu

For the cloak section, the painting has been applied quite generously. Aside from depicting folds, shading has been added to enhance the expression of texture.

XBD Studio Fat Buu

Overall, it’s an impressive piece of work. Fellow fans of Fat Buu or Majin Buu in general should check this figure out!

XBD Studio Fat Buu

XBD Studio Fat Buu XBD Studio Fat Buu

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