Myethos Studios Formidable Figure

A Detailed Look at this beautiful Azur Lane figure of Formidable by Myethos Studios!

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Myethos Studios Formidable

Formidable – Myethos Studios

Formidable – Myethos Studios: Myethos Studios has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations in their Azur Lane lineup.  This time, we have Formidable, an Illustrious-class Carrier affiliated with the Royal Navy, with a stunning and captivating pose on a luxurious sofa.  Such a beautiful figure demands the details to be looked at in-depth, which we will do now!

Myethos Studios Formidable

This Formidable figure is 1/7 scale, standing at 18 cm tall, dressed provocatively with high heels and black stockings, looking all the more enticing against the vibrant red sofa.

Myethos Studios Formidable Myethos Studios Formidable Myethos Studios Formidable

The details of the clothing, cinched at the waist, are commendable, with sheer fabric revealing skin tones subtly. The contours around the chest and abdomen are just right!

Myethos Studios Formidable

The fingertips touching the lacquered sofa show intricate details of pressure. As for the chest area, let’s not go into further detail…

Myethos Studios Formidable Myethos Studios Formidable

Overall, this Myethos figure of Formidable has a slender figure but ample flesh in all the right places! The expression of anticipation in her eyes and at the corners of her mouth is enticing, and the delicate facial sculpting is quite satisfying.

Myethos Studios Formidable Myethos Studios Formidable

From the rear view, you can see her swan-like graceful neck and beautiful snow-white back! The slightly obscured strands of hair add a touch of allure.

Myethos Studios FormidableMyethos Studios Formidable

The high heels, with their toes lightly touching, can be freely put on and taken off, perfect for those who appreciate attention to detail.

Myethos Studios Formidable

The raised toe details, paired with the subtle black stockings, are already quite alluring!

Myethos Studios Formidable

Overall, this is a truly beautiful and captivating figure.  Fans of Azur Lane may want to keep their eyes on this collectible!

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