PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian Figure

Explore the Elegance and Detail of This Exquisite Ghost Blade Figurine!

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PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

Princess Aeolian – PIJI Studio

Princess Aeolian – PIJI Studio: PIJI Studio, in collaboration with Sparkey Studio, have launched an incredible “Ghost Blade” style figurine.  This time, we feature Princess Aeolian, which can be considered the highest cost-effective Ghost Blade product currently available!

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

This Princess Aeolian figurine stands at 1/6 scale, 38 centimeters tall, sitting gracefully on a high stool, embodying both the elegant dignity of a Northern Desert Princess and a captivating allure.

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

Despite being made of PVC, the figurine’s lifelike skin painting is nearly of statue quality, with extensive use of real metal chains for an elegant and magnificent visual effect.

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

The finely hand-painted head sculpt is remarkable, featuring a natural and vivid expression, with cheeks that exhibit a realistic blush of youthful skin!

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

The rosy and delicate bare feet are exquisitely crafted.  It’s truly a work of art, especially considering the price of this figure!

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

The black skirt is made of semi-transparent material, revealing glimpses of tender skin underneath, complementing the beautiful back curves, giving a feeling of blushing and heart-throbbing.

PIJI Studio Princess Aeolian

For fans of Ghost Blade, this figure is definitely worth getting!

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