XB Studios Ganyu Figure

Discover the Exquisite Details and Charming Aura of the 1/6 Scale Ganyu Collectible

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XB Studios Ganyu

Ganyu – XB Studios

Ganyu – XB Studios: XB Studios has opened reservations today for their newest creation.  A fan favorite in the Genshin Impact series, it’s Ganyu, holding milk tea! Her slender and tall figure, along with her sweet expression, is incredibly cute and charming!

XB Studios Ganyu

This Ganyu figure is in 1/6 scale and wears a simple and elegant one-piece dress with small high-heeled shoes that complement her figure perfectly. You can see Chinese elements decorating the hem of her dress, and her small handbag and milk tea look very exquisite.

XB Studios Ganyu XB Studios Ganyu

Her relaxed and friendly pose makes it feel like she’s greeting a friend, and it beautifully complements Ganyu’s sunny and smiling expression.

XB Studios Ganyu

Although this Ganyu figure can’t freeze things like in the game, her graceful curves under the long skirt are still very enticing! Compared to her original design with black stockings, she has a unique charm.

XB Studios Ganyu

If you’re a fan of Ganyu, take action on this figure now!

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