Infinity Studios Asuka Langley Figure

A deep look into this incredible figure of everyone's favorite Tsundere in the Rebuild of Evangelion Movie series!

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Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley – Infinity Studios

Asuka Langley – Infinity Studios: Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most cherished and memorable anime series in history.  First starting out as a manga series in December 1994, it was eventually adapted into an anime in October 1995.  Since then, it has become a favorite for many anime fans, which stems from its characters, the design of the robots (or EVA units), and its fascinating, yet rather confusing lore.  In 2007, however, Hideako Anno, the creator of the anime, decided to do a re-telling of the story, compiled into four theatrical movies.  This would become known as the Rebuild of Evangelion series.  We will be taking a look at one of, if not, the most popular character in the Rebuild series, Asuka Langley Shikinami!

Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

Much like the Soryu from the original 1995 anime series, Asuka Langley Shikinami has hot-headed and proud personality, often bragging about her successes.  She strives to be the best EVA pilot in the world.  She has also retained some tsundere-like qualities, especially towards Shinji, who appears to have some feelings for him.  Although they have some similarities, Shikinami does have noticeable differences.  For one thing, this Asuka doesn’t have a hatred of dolls like Soryu does.  She also doesn’t have that same sort of admiration for Ryoji Kaji that Soryu did.  Despite these differences, Asuka Langley Shikinami has become a popular and beloved character in the Evangelion series.  

Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

Infinity Studios have decided to create their own Asuka Shikinami figure and it’s quite the sight to behold.  First thing to note about this figure is the size, which the studio did not hold back on!  This figure is 1/2 scale, a rather rare size that most studios don’t usually make.  To put that in perspective, the figure is 87 cm for the Collection version, while the Deluxe version is 105 cm tall.  Regardless of which one you’ll get, it’ll make its presence known with its incredible size for your collection!

Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

Another thing to note about the figure is the attention to detail it has.  Every aspect that this figure has, from the facial features to the body proportions is truly faithful to its anime counterpart.  The skintight EVA suit that she wears also adds a lot of personality to it.  Let’s not forget her signature eyepatch for her damaged eye, which seems to be a running theme whenever we see Asuka in either the anime series or the Rebuild series.

Infinity Studios Asuka Langley Infinity Studios Asuka Langley Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

We mentioned previously that there are two versions to choose from, which is the Collection and Deluxe version.   For the Collection version, you will get the figure and the stand, which will satisfy fans of the character with its already impressive size.  If you want more, however, we recommend going for the Deluxe Version, as that one comes with an LED base, the spear, and the metal nameplate.  Regardless of which one to go with, fans of the character will be pleased to have this figure in their collection!

Infinity Studios Asuka Langley Infinity Studios Asuka Langley Infinity Studios Asuka Langley

Overall, this is an excellent figure to own!  Whether you’re a fan of the original anime series or the Rebuild series, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

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