SEA Studio Goku Figure

Exploring the Remarkable Detailing and Resonance in SEA Studio's Son Goku Figure

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SEA Studio Son Goku

Goku – SEA Studio

Goku – SEA Studio: Son Goku is the protagonist of the Japanese manga “Dragon Ball” and its derivatives. His original name is Kakarot. He is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. As a child, he was sent to Earth as a “low-class warrior” and was adopted by the martial artist Son Gohan. Due to losing control and transforming into a giant ape, he accidentally killed Son Gohan and later lived alone in the mountains. He embarks on a journey to find the Dragon Balls after meeting Bulma. His dream is to constantly grow stronger and train hard to pursue power.

SEA Studio Son Goku

This time, we are introducing the destined confrontation Goku from SEA Studio. From the official images, the depiction of the skin texture is quite good, and the details are well done.

SEA Studio Son Goku SEA Studio Son Goku

Similar to SEA Studio’s previous Vegeta, these two models resonate with each other, faithfully reproducing the scene of Goku’s showdown with Vegeta. The base has a rock theme, which matches the style of the animation.

SEA Studio Son Goku SEA Studio Son Goku SEA Studio Son Goku SEA Studio Son Goku

Regarding the main body, it is also quite faithful to the original, whether it’s the body proportions or the muscle lines, all done meticulously. The smoke on the platform is well-shaped and has a gradient color predominantly gray and white.

SEA Studio Son Goku

Overall, this work is quite impressive, so those who like it should not miss it!

SEA Studio Son Goku

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