Black Studios Hajrudin Figure

Exploring the Legacy of Hajrudin from One Piece, the Giant Mercenary from Elbaf

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Black Studios Hajrudin

Hajrudin – Black Studios

Hajrudin – Black Studios: Hajrudin is a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works, hailing from the New Generation Giant Warriors of “Elbaf.” He is a rising star of Elbaf, the giant nation, and is known as the “Giant Mercenary.”

Black Studios Hajrudin

Hajrudin’s dream is to unite the entire giant race with his four fellow giant companions and resurrect the once world-shaking “Giant Warrior Pirates.” He displayed great valor during the events on Dressrosa. Due to his actions on Dressrosa, Hajrudin and his Giant Warrior Pirates joined the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew.

Black Studios Hajrudin

He possesses a massive body typical of the giants, with long, brownish-black hair that reaches his thighs and a brownish-black beard. He wears a metal helmet on his head and goggles over his glasses. Upon closer inspection, the clarity of his muscular lines reveals that every muscle is exerted to its fullest! Overall, the details of this action figure are excellently crafted.

Black Studios Hajrudin

Apart from depicting some muscular lines on the exposed parts of his body, they have also used painting to simulate the texture of real skin. Shadowing is applied to enhance the texture’s expression.

Black Studios Hajrudin Black Studios Hajrudin

Overall, this is a very detailed figure for the Giant of Elbaf.  Fans of the character or the series should keep an eye on this figure!

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