Freedom Studio Historia Reiss Figure

Exploring the Journey of Historia Reiss from Survey Corps to Royalty

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Freedom Studio Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss – Freedom Studio

Historia Reiss – Freedom Studio: Historia Reiss is a character from the Japanese manga “Attack on Titan” and its derivatives. She is a petite young woman with large eyes and blonde hair. She ranked 10th in the 104th Training Corps and later joined the Survey Corps. Eventually, she becomes the queen of Eldia, the ruling nation, under the name of Queen Historia. She is known for her gentle and kind personality and is referred to as a “goddess” by her peers. She shares a deep bond with Ymir.

Historia is the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, the actual ruler of Eldia, and his mistress. She inherits the bloodline of the Eldian royal family. She grew up on a farm in the countryside, unaware of her father’s identity. Her mother was eventually killed, forcing Historia to adopt the alias “Krista Lenz” and flee. She joined the 104th Training Corps at the age of 12 and the Survey Corps at 15. In the Royal Government arc, she is crowned as the queen of Eldia. After the death of Zeke Yeager, she becomes the last remaining Eldian with royal blood.

Historia has a petite figure, long blonde hair, and inherited her father’s large eyes. She has a gentle and kind personality. Her hairstyle has well-defined layers, and her makeup is on point. The texture of the leather shoes looks very realistic, and the overall paintwork is highly detailed. The color texture of the platform’s rocks and the treatment of the grass are also very realistic.

Freedom Studio Historia Reiss

The shading and detailing of the skin tone are well done. The muscle definition and skin texture in the elbow area are accurately depicted. The exposed parts of her body are painted with flesh color, accentuating her figure.

Freedom Studio Historia Reiss

Freedom Studio Historia Reiss

Overall, this artwork is impressive, and fans should not miss out on it!

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