HobbyMax’s RADIO EVA Ikari Shinji Part.2 Figure – The Ultimate Addition for Fans and Collectors

Discover the Sleek and Stylish Design of Misawa Mai's Original Artwork in this Highly Anticipated 26cm Figurine

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HobbyMax has recently announced the release of their newest figure featuring Misawa Mai’s original artwork of RADIO EVA’s Ikari Shinji Part.2. This highly anticipated figurine is sure to become a favorite among fans of the series.

Standing at 26 centimeters tall, the figure’s sculpt is designed to enhance the slender and tall build of Shinji’s body, giving it a transcendent and otherworldly vibe. The outfit’s almost all-black color scheme is a challenge for creating texture and visual depth, but HobbyMax has managed to add some visual interest by sculpting the folds of the clothes and adding small touches of bright colors.

The coat’s billowing design is a standout feature of this figure, giving it an added layer of coolness and sleekness that will make it an eye-catching addition to any collection. The attention to detail in the figure’s design, such as the intricate sculpting and the strategic use of color, makes it a highly aesthetic piece that is sure to be appreciated by fans of the series.

This figure is the final release in the series, completing the set of figures featuring Misawa Mai’s original artwork. Fans who have been collecting the series can now enjoy a complete set of visually stunning figurines that will undoubtedly be a cherished addition to any collection.

In conclusion, HobbyMax’s RADIO EVA Ikari Shinji Part.2 Figure is an outstanding piece of art that will make a stylish and elegant addition to any collection. From its transcendent aura to its cool and sleek design, this figure is sure to become a fan favorite among those who appreciate the attention to detail and aesthetic appeal that HobbyMax has put into its creation.

This Shinji figure is 26 centimeters tall and the figurine’s body appears more slender and tall compared to Mai Misawa’s original artwork. At first glance, it gives off a transcendent aura.

Creating texture and visual depth on an almost all-black outfit can be a challenging task, but HobbyMax has attempted to enhance the visual layers through sculpting the folds of the clothes and adding small touches of bright colors. However, the actual effectiveness of these efforts will have to be experienced first-hand.

Indeed, the billowing coat in this figure looks incredibly cool, and the proportions are on point from every angle. It can be considered as one of the most aesthetically pleasing Shinji figures available.

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