Dream Studios Jinbe Figure

Exploring the Courage and Ideals of One of One Piece's Most Respected Characters

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Dream Studios Jinbe

Jinbe – Dream Studios

Jinbe – Dream Studios: Jinbe is a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works. He is known for his chivalry and righteousness, referred to as the “Knight of the Sea,” with a bounty of 1.1 billion Berries. He was originally one of the “Seven Warlords of the Sea” and became the captain of the Sun Pirates after Fisher Tiger’s death. He later announced his joining of the Straw Hat Pirates as their helmsman on Whole Cake Island.

Dream Studios Jinbe

Possessing formidable strength, he excels in Fish-Man Karate and Fish-Man Jujutsu, allowing him to unleash his full power underwater. He believes that the one who will eventually rule the seas is not one of the current Yonko but rather “Monkey D. Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates.”

Dream Studios Jinbe

Jinbe is a whale shark fish-man, characterized by his wild eyebrows and sideburns, a topknot hairstyle, a thick black beard on his chin, a lightning bolt-like scar at the corner of his left eye, a large physique, and two large teeth on his lower jaw. The symbol of the “Sun Pirates” is located in the center of his chest, and he often wears patterned yukatas and Japanese wooden clogs (geta).

Dream Studios Jinbe

He is known for his chivalry and righteousness, earning him the nickname “Knight of the Sea.” During the “Marine Headquarters’ Forced Summons” of the “Seven Warlords of the Sea,” he was the only one who refused to help against the Whitebeard Pirates. He has a strong sense of responsibility and has joined Big Mom’s pirate crew to protect Fish-Man Island and the Sun Pirates.

Dream Studios Jinbe

Jinbe is incredibly courageous and showed no fear when confronted with Big Mom’s soul-piercing abilities, declaring, “I am a man who is destined to become a future Pirate King’s companion. How could I possibly be afraid of mere Yonko?”

Dream Studios Jinbe

He is regarded as the big brother among his comrades and is considered a true man by Franky, a good man by Robin, and a realist who remains committed to his ideals. He is a reliable companion who possesses both intelligence and courage and is a hero with a sense of justice. He is Jinbe, the Knight of the Sea.Dream Studios Jinbe

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