MX Studio Kafka Figure

Discover the Beauty of MX Studio's Latest 1/6 and 1/4 Scale Figurines with Interchangeable Poses and Realistic Details.

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MX Studio Kafka

Kafka – MX Studio

Kafka – MX Studio: MX Studio has launched a new figure in their line.  Introducing Kafka from “Honkai Star Rail” in both 1/6 and 1/4 scales. The high-end version also includes an interchangeable body for different poses. 

The figure features Kafkaa with her legs raised in a tempting pose, complemented by purple stockings that exude the charm of a mature elder sister.

MX Studio Kafka

The realistic texture of the thighs and buttocks is superb, and the creases on the stockings at the knees look very lifelike.

MX Studio Kafka

The official images showcase a realistic head sculpt of Kafkaa, and the brand will also include an anime-style head sculpt as a bonus. If you opt for the high-end version, you can display the figures separately.

MX Studio Kafka

The full-body appearance of the high-end version of Kafka, combined with the regular version in purple stockings, creates an interesting display. Fans of Kafka or Honkai: Star Rail should definitely consider this figure.

MX Studio Kafka MX Studio Kafka

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