SaiKeXi Studio Kafka Figure (NFSW)

Explore the Intriguing World of Honkai: Star Rail with SaiKeXi Studio's Exquisite 1/6 Scale Masterpiece, Kafka!

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SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

Kafka – SaiKeXi Studio

Kafka – SaiKeXi Studio: SaiKeXi Studio has announced their latest creation.  From the popoular game Honkai: Star Rail, it is Kafka, featuring a bondage style with chained and gagged elements that adds a unique twist!

SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

This 1/6 scale Kafka stands at 27 centimeters tall. Its weathered appearance is the main highlight, eliminating the need for swapping body parts, which is quite convenient.

SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

The gripping design of being bound by real iron chains and having ankle cuffs between the legs is quite intriguing. The combination of torn black stockings and ripped shirt showcases a captivating “violent aesthetics” that makes it a very interesting figure.

SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

The details of the headlights of the vehicle are not shown here, but the crucial parts also come with liquid effect pieces, adding a dynamic touch.

SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

Kafka’s feet emerge from the high-heeled boots, with the posture of the big toe being lifted delicately portrayed. Additionally, the socks pulled down at the feet are also quite impressive.

SaiKeXi Studio Kafka

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