XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki Figure (NSFW)

Explore the Allure of the 1/6 Scale Figure with Intricate Details and Sensual Design

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XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

Kisaki – XiaoXueGao Studio

Kisaki – XiaoXueGao Studio: XiaoXueGao Studio has announced their newest release.  From the popular game, Blue Archive, it is Kisaki!   This figure features a split-leg pose with a sultry and captivating appearance. The background also includes multiple mirrors, providing a delightful perspective!

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

This Kisaki figure is 1/6 scale, measuring 39 cm in length and 24 cm in width. The unique pose of lying face down with legs spread wide is quite distinctive. The fair and long legs, along with the bare feet, are perfectly displayed to the players.

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

The Chinese-style three-panel mirror in the background is a major highlight, offering different angles to showcase the graceful contour of Kisaki’s buttocks!

 XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

The vacant expression with tilted head and slightly parted lips is filled with a strong sense of desire. Combined with the playful expression, it’s impossible to resist.

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

The slender waist of the loli girl is also a highlight, and the intricate curves of her back are incredibly enticing!

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

Hime Saki’s skin is coated with a glossy finish, creating a delicate and smooth texture that is highly anticipated.

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

The qipao dress on this Kisaki figure can be removed to reveal an alluring posture, enhanced by the mirrors’ reflections, creating an instant feeling reminiscent of Chinese erotic paintings.

XiaoXueGao Studio Kisaki

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