YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka Figure

Discover this alluring Kafka figure from Honkai: Star Rail – A Perfect Blend of Simplicity and Grace in Every Detail

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YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka

Kafka – YaoMengMeng Studios

YaoMengMeng Studios has announced pre-orders for one of their newest creations. From Honkai: Star Rail, we have Kafka, a member of the Stellaron Hunters! Here are the specs of this Kafka figure!

Studio: YaoMengMeng Studios
Product Name: 1/6 Scale Formal Suit Ver. Kafka – Honkai: Star Rail Resin Statue
Material: Resin + PU
Dimensions: H28 * W12 * L12cm Estimated
Projected Shipping Date: Q4 (December) 2024 Estimated

With a simple yet elegant style, this Kafka figure is very charming under the tight suit.

YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka

This Kafka is 1/6 scale, 28 cm tall, and the suit design is alluring. The high-waisted black trousers, suspenders, and high heels not only highlight the long legs but also exude a unique and graceful charm.

YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka

YaoMengMeng Studios’ depiction of the wrinkles in the fabric of the white shirt is natural and comfortable. The tight texture at Kafka’s hips, coupled with the beautiful curves of the buttocks, is irresistibly pleasing!

YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka

The gaze, aloof with a hint of cold distance, and the gentle smile at the corners of the mouth are very charming. The flowing strands of hair in the wind add a touch of delicate mature charm.

YaoMengMeng Studios Kafka

For fans of Honkai: Star Rail, this figure is a must have!

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