Dragon Studios Kalifa Figure

Exploring the Mysterious Abilities and Intriguing Personality of CP9's Only Female Member

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Dragon Studios Kalifa

Kalifa – Dragon Studios

Kalifa – Dragon Studios: Kalifa, a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works, is a user of the Bubble-Bubble Fruit ability. She was a member of CP9, a special espionage organization within the World Government, and the only female member of CP9. She is now a member of CP0.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

She spent 5 years undercover as the mayor of Water 7 and the president of the Galley-La Company in order to steal confidential information—the blueprints of the ancient weapon, Pluton. She was completely defeated in her battle against Nami on Enies Lobby.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

Her preferred weapon is a long whip with spikes on top. She has long golden hair and wears glasses with colored lenses, often holding them up with her hand.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

She has a cold and ruthless personality but can also be a bit of an airhead. When she gets angry, she tends to kick people indiscriminately. Her catchphrases include “You’re harassing me” and “Rude jerk.”

Dragon Studios Kalifa

Kalifa can manipulate bubbles freely and change their shape. She can gather bubbles around her to defend against enemy attacks or create a bubble tsunami to engulf her opponents. She can also gather bubbles around her to create a soap shield.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

When Kalifa is in soap form, attacks become ineffective against her, but she cannot move. When bubbles touch an opponent, they can wash away the enemy’s strength, rendering them powerless.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

In addition, the special bubbles she creates can not only wash away all dirt but also reshape an opponent’s body into a smooth, bubble-like form when coated with bubbles. In this state, opponents lose friction due to their smooth bodies and cannot even stand, let alone wield weapons. Before awakening, the weaknesses of her bubbles are water and wind; water can wash away the bubbles, rendering her ability ineffective, and wind can blow the bubbles away.

Dragon Studios Kalifa

In addition to the A version, which has Kalifa wearing a Bikini and fishing net leggings, there is also a B version, which has her wearing a stylish mask.  Here are some photos of this sleek version!

Dragon Studios Kalifa Dragon Studios Kalifa Dragon Studios Kalifa Dragon Studios Kalifa Dragon Studios Kalifa

Fans of Kalifa or One Piece will not want to miss out on this incredible figure!

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