CR-Studio Luffy Figure

Exploring Luffy's Epic Transformation and Unleashed Power on Onigashima into the iconic Gear Five!

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CR-Studio Luffy

Luffy – CR-Studio

Luffy – CR-Studio: Luffy refers to his Nika Form as the “Five-Gear.” During the final showdown on Onigashima, Luffy was defeated by Kaido. In the midst of desperation, Luffy’s Rubber Fruit awakened. After the awakening, everyone realized that this was not just a Rubber Fruit, but a Mythical Zoan Fruit that grants power to transform into different creatures.

CR-Studio Luffy

Upon entering the Niko Form, Luffy becomes visibly excited, with a constant smile on his face. He can stretch any object and use it for attacks.

CR-Studio Luffy

CR-Studio Luffy

Holding lightning and striking enemies with the Gum-Gum Monkey King Spear, the performance of the coating is exceptionally dazzling. The glossiness of the paint is tantalizing, with his hair resembling flames. His clothes and hair are white, and his eyebrows become thicker.

CR-Studio Luffy

The contrast between the scar on his chest and the muscular coating creates a great sense of depth. The clarity of the muscular lines makes it more visually evident that every muscle is exerting force!

CR-Studio Luffy

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