Dtalon Studio Sister Friede Figure

Captivating Elegance and Ferocity: Unveiling the Exquisite "Dark Souls 3" Sister Friede Statue by Dtalon's Soul Series!

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Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

Sister Friede – Dtalon Studio

Sister Friede – Dtalon Studio: CorgiProGkit in collaboration with DTalon has opened pre-orders today for an incredible detailed figure.  Introducing their amazing creation, this 1/4 statue of Sister Friede from “Dark Souls 3,” marking the third installment in the “Dark Souls” series. Fans of the Souls series will find this collectible well worth having!

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

The third installment in the ” Souls” series features Sister Friede from “Dark Souls 3,” specifically her third-stage form from the DLC. This piece captures her stunning and immensely powerful appearance, with black flames intertwined around the ice crystal scythe.  In the game, Sister Friede’s third stage exhibits intense aggression, unleashing wave after wave of relentless attacks that leave players gasping for breath. She stands on par with Lady Maria from “Bloodborne”!

This statue portrays Sister Friede holding a scythe in each hand, poised in mid-air, ready to unleash her skills. The dynamic pose exudes a strong sense of motion and tension, making you instinctively want to roll away to evade.

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

Sister Friede’s black and white robe is both elegant and exquisitely detailed, showcasing fabric textures and intricate crochet patterns on the hem.

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

While much of her face is concealed by her hood, her eyes radiate an icy, murderous aura that sends shivers down your spine!

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

A scar from a flame burn is visible on one side of Sister Friede’s face, adding to her alluring and captivating profile from a side view.

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

In her third stage, Sister Friede wields black flames in her attacks, and the transparent black special effect parts beautifully depict the burning sensation. The scythe’s tip even features a transition to icy detailing.

Dtalon Studio Sister Friede

Suspended in mid-air, Sister Friede is engulfed by black flames, and on the base, you can see Father Ariandel cradling a brazier. Flames cascade downward, filling the ground, enveloping the entire platform, reminiscent of the priest’s final words: “When the Ashes are two, a flame alighteth.  Thou’rt Ash, and fire befits thee, of course…”

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