LOST BOY Studio Luffy Figure

Exploring the Astonishing Abilities of the Sun God Nika's Awakening and its Impact on Luffy's Journey

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LOST BOY Studio Luffy

Luffy – LOST BOY Studio

Luffy – LOST BOY Studio: After awakening, it will bring a higher level of “arm strength” and “freedom” to the rubber body. The Five Elders refer to this ability as the “wildest power” in the world. Wherever he goes, he can make people bloom with smiles.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

Once Luffy develops his awakening to the ultimate state, the characteristics of a superhuman awakening allow him to assimilate objects he comes into contact with into rubber. This can create cartoonish effects like eyes popping out for both battling parties and nearby individuals.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

In the awakened state, his hair and clothes turn white, his hair takes on a flame-like shape, and “steam ribbons” surround his neck and armpits like the Four Gears. His eyebrows curve like the pattern of a Devil Fruit, and his pupils also undergo changes.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

In this form, Luffy’s heartbeat is referred to as the “Drum of Liberation” by the elephant. In this state, his stamina is rapidly depleted, and after the Five Gears features recede, he appears aged. However, as long as he hears the “Drum of Liberation,” his vitality is restored.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

The smooth lines of the smoke special effects behind him give a feeling of swirling smoke, and the grass hat behind his neck is made of resin, with a texture reminiscent of braided straw.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy LOST BOY Studio Luffy

The details of the clothing’s painting are also very accurate. In addition to depicting some wrinkles, shading is used to enrich the expression of texture, and the muscular lines of the arms are also clearly visible.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy 

The blue lightning special effects are drool-worthy in terms of transparency and gloss. Looking at the scene of this statue, the texture depiction of Onigashima Island is also meticulously done, down to every detail.

LOST BOY Studio Luffy

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