NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead Figure

Discover the Enigmatic Journey of Mash Burnedead in a Magic-Dominated Realm

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NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead

Mash Burnedead – NiNi Studio

Mash Burnedead – NiNi Studio: Mash Burnedead is a character in the Japanese manga “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” and its derivative works. He is a rare young man who cannot use magic but possesses muscular strength developed through training, capable of shattering all forms of magic. He appears to struggle with academics and social norms and has a strong fondness for cream puffs.

NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead

He is a first-year student in the Easton Magic Academy, known for his straightforward and simple personality. Despite his apparent weaknesses in academics and social understanding, he values his family and friends greatly. In his daily life, he enjoys eating cream puffs, working out to build muscle, and replenishing protein.

NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead

The story begins with Mash secretly leaving home to buy his favorite cream puffs. He is discovered by the townspeople and magic police officer Brad, who realize that he cannot use magic. Although Mash easily defeats Brad with his powerful physical abilities, Brad refuses to give up chasing him. To lead a peaceful life with his elderly father, Mash makes a deal with Brad to enter the Easton Magic Academy and become a “Divine Visionary,” continuously facing various challenges.

NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead

Matthew’s true identity is far from being a simple “abandoned infant.” Why does he possess physical qualities stronger than magic? As the story unfolds, these secrets gradually come to light. The dark forces of the magical world strike once again, and Matthew and his companions embark on the challenging path of the “Divine Visionary.”

NiNi Studio Mash Burnedead

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