DM Studio Mewtwo Figure

Experience this incredible figure: Dual-Color Options and Dazzling Effects Await for this Mewtwo figure!

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DM Studio Mewtwo

Mewtwo – DM Studio

Mewtwo – DM Studio: DM  has launched a new Pokémon small-scale Mewtwo today, with dual-color options and gorgeous special effects pieces. The design is very eye-catching!

DM Studio Mewtwo

This Mewtwo figure is 16 centimeters tall, and although it’s not large in size, the craftsmanship is exquisite. Especially the special effects pieces on the base and the hands are painted with a holographic gradient, giving a fresh visual experience.

DM Studio Mewtwo

The special effects color scheme of the dark Mewtwo is noticeably gorgeous, and the tail is also painted with a transparent gradient! However, the original color is also very handsome, making it difficult to choose!

DM Studio Mewtwo DM Studio Mewtwo

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