XM Studio Reveals Mighty Thor Statue

A Closer Look at the 1/4 Scale Statue's Stunning Features and Ice Crystal Base

by Gkloop
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M Studios has brought a statue of the Mighty Thor, a character from the Marvel Premium Collectibles series. Let’s take a look together at how this product performs! This statue of Mighty Thor features a 1/4 scale, with a total height of approximately 53cm and a weight of 10kg. The statue accurately depicts Mighty Thor holding her hammer and leaping into the air, preparing to charge forward into battle. It is worth noting that the crystal effect pieces on the base serve as a support for the statue of Mighty Thor, making it appear as if she is standing on a platform made of ice crystals. This effectively enhances the illusion of Mighty Thor leaping into the air, adding to the overall dynamic feel of the statue. Additionally, this product features a suit of armor, with its appearance based on the original design from the comics. The statue also features detailed muscle definition on the exposed arm, while the right arm is posed to hold the hammer of Thor. The hammer of Thor also has great attention to detail, with intricate sculpting and design. In addition to the textures on the handle and straps, the surface of the hammer’s head also features accurate textual details. The surface of the armor has a great paint job, with a realistic texture that makes it look battle-worn. The statue also features detailed battle damage, adding to the overall realism of the product. The leg wraps and shoes also have corresponding texture details, which are carefully sculpted and painted. The clothing is well-executed, with small details like the silver accessories on the belt being delicately crafted. The head sculpt features a helmeted design. Although the cape is not made of actual cloth material, it has a surface texture that accurately represents the look of fabric.The cape also features accurate fold and crease details, further enhancing the overall texture and appearance of the statue.
The base of the statue features an ice crystal theme, with a shield and a large sword included as additional props. Interestingly, there is also a crow perched on the hilt of the sword. The surface of the shield has been detailed and painted to simulate the texture of real materials, and several arrows are also sticking out of it.

The official price for this Mighty Thor statue is 8250 yuan, and it is expected to be shipped in the third quarter of 2024.

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