FanArt’s 1/3 Scale Tifa Statue: A Detailed Review

Everything You Need to Know about the Different Versions and Prices of FanArt's Tifa Statue, Including a Comparison between the Standard and Deluxe Editions.

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After releasing “Final Fantasy VII Remake” version of Cloud, FanArt has now brought a version of Tifa Lockhart from the same series, which is also available in both standard and deluxe versions. Additionally, there are two bundled sets available, which come with Cloud. Let’s take a look together!

This Tifa Lockhart statue is crafted in a 1/3 scale, with a total height of approximately 56cm. It is made with imported PU and polystone materials.

The statue features a classic standing pose with Tifa’s hands on her hips, and the overall posture is very natural and well-crafted.

The costume design also follows the original artwork, with detailed depictions of Tifa’s top, skirt, thigh-high stockings, and shoes. The attention to detail on these elements is quite impressive.

The head sculpt of Tifa is definitely a crucial aspect that players are concerned about. From the official images, the likeness to the character is quite impressive, and the hairstyle and earring details are faithful to the original design.

According to the official statement, the head sculpt has undergone significant improvements, and to ensure consistency across the production line, the eyebrows have been carved with solid details. Therefore, I am also excited to see how the final product turns out and how well it captures the essence of the character.

Additionally, the sculpting of the leg muscles is also well done, and the exposed skin has been painted to simulate the texture of real skin, which is a nice touch.

The standard version has an official price of 3180 yuan.

Now, let’s take a look at the deluxe version.

The deluxe version comes with an additional battle-damaged Tifa body, a dual-head sculpt of two different expressions, two character bases, and two display stands.

Furthermore, the official plans to release Tifa’s real fabric clothing and a rooted hair head sculpt that can be used with the deluxe version.

I understand, the official images of the deluxe version can be quite exciting, but it’s essential to consider everyone’s mental well-being. Therefore, we will not be sharing those images here. However, those who are interested can easily search for the relevant information online.

It’s worth noting that FanArt also released a Cloud statue in the same series before the Tifa statue. The Cloud statue has been adjusted in terms of body proportions and the design of his pants.

Additionally, the official also released a bundle set featuring the standard versions of Tifa and Cloud. This set has an official price of 5660 yuan.

The final item is a bundle set featuring the deluxe versions of Tifa and Cloud. This set has an official price of 6560 yuan and is expected to be shipped in the two quarters after the pre-order period ends.

If you’re a big fan of Tifa, then this statue is definitely worth considering. As for which version to choose, it depends on your personal preferences and financial situation.

Product Details:

Studio: FanArt Tifa statue

Scale: 1/3

Height: 56cm

Regular version price: 3180 RMB

Deluxe version price: 4180 RMB

Regular bundle version price: 5660 RMB

Deluxe bundle version price: 6560 RMB

Release date: Two quarters after the deadline

Limited edition: 168 pieces in total for both deluxe and regular versions.

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