EGGS Studio Misty Figure

Relive the Carefree Days of Pokémon Adventures with This Captivating Masterpiece!

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EGGS Studio Misty

Misty – EGGS Studio

Misty – EGGS Studio: EGGS Studio’s Pokémon series has opened reservations for their newest creation.  This time, we have the classic character, Misty featuring her Pokémon from the anime. The scene includes Misty with Gyrados, Togepi, Psyduck, and a total of 11 Pokémon, creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere with splashing water.

EGGS Studio Misty

This work is 41 centimeters tall, with Misty  standing on a Starmie’s gemstone and holding Togepi, exuding a youthful and girlish charm, evoking memories of the touching moments when we used to watch the original animation with our friends on TV.

EGGS Studio Misty

The joyful Misty and the huge, fierce Gyarados emerging from the splashing water form a stark contrast. On Gyarados’ back, you can even see a Sun Coral.

EGGS Studio Misty

Other Pokémon like Goldeen, Staryu, Azurill, and Horsea also make appearances. In addition to the water splashing effects, the artwork features a rich underwater scene with corals, shells, and seaweed.

EGGS Studio Misty EGGS Studio Misty EGGS Studio Misty

Psyduck, holding a float tube, and Politoed building a sandcastle underwater, are quite interesting, making this artwork a masterpiece full of highlights!

EGGS Studio Misty EGGS Studio Misty

The transparent wave base has built-in LED lights, which should create a refreshing seaside atmosphere when lit up.

In addition to the original color Gyarados, there’s also a Shiny version available as well.

EGGS Studio Misty

Fans of Misty and/or Pokémon should definitely consider adding this figure to their collection!

EGGS Studio Misty

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