AU Studio Nezuko Kamado Figure

AU Studio's Stunning Creation of Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

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AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado – AU Studio

Nezuko Kamado – AU Studio: No matter how bad someone who loves you, is, they can’t be that bad. This is my view of good and evil. – “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” Nezuko Kamado

In terms of the main aspect, AU Studio has added elements of an elder sister character, paying great attention to details such as body proportions, muscle definition, and facial features, including the hairstyle, which faithfully follows the animation design.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

The black and red hair that catches the eye uses a gradient coating, with captivating eyes, and the shading of the skin tone looks very good, giving the impression of surging waves about to burst forth.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

The leg muscles are not only emphasized with defined lines, but also feature detailed skin texture. The bright red skirt portrays realistic folds and the colors are vibrant.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

The wooden platform has a highly realistic color texture, and even the wrinkles on the soles of the feet are accurately depicted, showing great attention to detail.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

AU STUDIO has also prepared another cool outfit for Nezuko Kamado, featuring a purple bikini. The production of this costume is quite appealing. The definition of the abdominal muscles is clearly visible.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

In the exposed parts of the body, besides depicting muscle lines, the use of coatings simulates the texture of real skin, and shading is applied to enrich the expression of texture.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

The hairstyle is well-defined with sharp layers, and the leg harness has a realistic tightness, showing great attention to detail.

AU Studio Nezuko Kamado

Overall, this work is of high quality, so for those who like it, take action quickly!

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