FWS Studio Owari Figure

Explore the Exquisite Details of this1/6 Scale Beauty from Azur Lane

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FWS Studio Owari

Owari – FWS Studio

Owari – FWS Studio: FWS Studio, in collaboration with ZZDD has opened pre-orders today for their newest creation.  From the popular Azur Lane series, we have Owari, the Super Rare Battleship of the Sakura Empire.  Let’s take a look at this stunning figure!

FWS Studio Owari

This Owari figure is 1/6 scale, stands 33 centimeters tall, and features a stunning design with golden twin tails and long black stockings. The size is exceptionally large, and it exudes mature charm.

FWS Studio Owari

The mesh material on the arms and thighs is a striking detail, and it complements the black leather skin for a unique appeal! The figure boasts an extremely standard hourglass figure, and the leg details are faithful to the in-game design.

FWS Studio Owari

The figure’s black stockings have a gradient paint job and are adorned with two decorative lines on the front of the thighs, drawing the viewer’s attention to those slender and beautiful legs!

FWS Studio Owari

From the rear view, Black Leather Owari’s bareback and ample buttocks are worth a look, not to mention the upcoming interchangeable parts.

FWS Studio Owari

Although the interchangeable parts’ design isn’t convenient to display, this figure is a masterpiece even within the world of “Azur Lane.” With the addition of Black Leather Mature Buff, it’s undoubtedly a visual delight.

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