D-M Studio Piccolo Buu Figure

Exploring the Magnificent Sculpture and Details of Dragon Ball's Iconic Character

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D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

Piccolo Buu – D-M Studio

Piccolo Buu – D-M Studio: Majin Buu is a character in the Japanese manga “Dragon Ball” and its derivatives. He was created by Bibidi and released from the seal by Babidi, thus becoming the name of the Majin.

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

This version of Buu is the form after absorbing Piccolo. The facial details of this form, including the antennae on the hair, follow the animation’s design very well. In addition, the surface of the body is shaded to enhance the texture.

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu  D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

The depiction of the hands is not distorted, and the wrinkles on the back of the hand and the fold of the thumb in this pose are finely restored, which adds a lot of points. The details and texture are quite good, and personally, we think the dynamic tension aspect is done very well.

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

The texture of the cape is also very good, with corresponding textures and folds on the surface. The details of the cape’s flow are also reflected. The colors and textures have been carefully considered to create a realistic feel.

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

The skin paintwork is very realistic, and the level of detail in the facial sculpting is worth admiring. The makeup is three-dimensional and vibrant, vividly bringing the character to life. The rock texture on the base also has a very realistic color and texture.

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

It is worth mentioning that successful pre-orders will receive a special bonus item, the “Piccolo Meatball,” which can be placed independently. Collecting all four models (005-008) will receive a “Buu Resonance Earth Base” as a gift!

D-M Studio Piccolo Buu

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