Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace Figure

Exploring the Fiery Journey of Portgas Ace, known as the Fire Fist Ace!

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Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace

Portgas Ace – Iron Knight Studio

Portgas Ace – Iron Knight Studio: Portgas D. Ace is a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works. He is the sworn brother of Sabo and Monkey D. Luffy. Originally named Gol D. Ace, he is the illegitimate son of Gol D. Roger, also known as the “Pirate King.” As he grew up, he developed a deep hatred for his father and took on his mother’s surname, Portgas D. Ace.

The facial features and hairstyle of the figure faithfully follow the design of the animation. The skin painting is highly realistic, and the intricacy of the facial sculpting is worth admiring. The makeup is three-dimensionally vibrant and lifelike.Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace

For the exposed parts of the body, in addition to depicting muscle lines, the texture of real skin is simulated through painting. Shadow painting is also applied to enhance the expression of texture.

Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace

The abdomen not only depicts stretched muscle lines but also includes details of skin texture. The clear contraction of engorged muscles during battle can be seen, and the flame effects in his hand are so enticing in terms of transparency and gloss.

Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace

In terms of the overall representation, the figure is quite faithful. The body proportions and muscle lines are meticulously done. The details of the pants are well controlled, and the layering in the painting is exceptionally impressive. The leg muscles also exude a strong sense of power.

Iron Knight Studio Portgas Ace

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