KoKo Studio Pikachu Figure

Discover the Irresistible Appeal of Pikachu and Fulfill Your Pokémon Fantasies!

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KoKo Studio Pikachu

Pikachu – KoKo Studio

Pikachu – KoKo Studio: Super Cute Pikachu! Shining Debut!!! – “Pokémon” Pikachu Model

KoKo Studio Pikachu

With an extremely cute voice and an adorable appearance, Pikachu, as the super popular protagonist of the Pokémon series, who doesn’t dream of having a Poké Ball to capture their own Pikachu?

KoKo Studio Pikachu

The main body’s action and design are depicted very well. The skin is yellow, the tips of the ears are black, and there is a seemingly red spot on the cheeks that gives off a reddish tint.

KoKo Studio Pikachu

The back has brown stripes and the craftsmanship is also very fine, showcasing a gradient pattern from top to bottom, making it look more three-dimensional.

KoKo Studio Pikachu

With such a lovely electric mouse, I can’t resist taking it home!

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