M4 Studio T-Bone Figure

Unveiling the Depth and Impact of T-Bone's Journey from One Piece

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M4 Studio T Bone

T-Bone – M4 Studio

T-Bone – M4 Studio: Wishing for a peaceful and beautiful world today as well – “One Piece” T-Bone

M4 Studio T Bone

Some Seakings may not be familiar with the character T-Bone. In fact, he first appeared in the Water 7 arc when Luffy and his crew were riding the Sea Train to Enies Lobby. T-Bone was responsible for escorting Robin as a member of the Marine. In addition, T-Bone had a confrontation with Zoro, and although he was defeated, Zoro admired his willpower that he conveyed through his sword.

As a Marine, T-Bone differs from the hardliners like the CP9. He has earned respect within the Marines. Oda has also depicted scenes where T-Bone cares for his subordinates and his subordinates admire him.

The facial details and hairstyle follow the anime design. Compared to the character’s skin color in the anime, this figurine uses flesh-toned painting to enhance the texture.

In addition to depicting muscular lines on the exposed parts of the body, painting techniques are used to simulate the texture of real skin. The cape on the shoulders also has corresponding creases and textures.

M4 Studio T Bone

The craftsmanship of the waistband rope is also excellent, with clear texture details. Additionally, shading painting is applied to the surface of the jeans to enrich the texture.

M4 Studio T Bone

As a good person, it is sad to see T-Bone leave the story without a good ending. T-Bone is a kind and upright individual, and it is unfortunate that Oda did not give him a better resolution.

Finally, for those who love One Piece, you may be interested in this figurine.

M4 Studio T Bone

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