QG Studio Portgas Ace Figure

Exploring the Explosive Journey of Portgas D. Ace in the world of One Piece.

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QG Studio Portgas Ace

Portgas Ace – QG Studio

Portgas Ace – QG Studio: On Banaro Island, when Blackbeard’s crew found  Portgas D. Ace, Blackbeard was delighted to invite him to join the Blackbeard Pirates. However, when Ace heard that Blackbeard wanted to capture Luffy, he directly refused Blackbeard. But he suffered attacks from Van Augur and Jesus Burgess, both of whom were easily defeated by Ace.

Later, after Blackbeard demonstrated the ability of the Dark-Dark Fruit to absorb everything and once again invited Ace to join the Blackbeard Pirates, Ace refused once more. This led to a duel between Ace and Blackbeard, with Ace unfortunately being defeated. In order to obtain the title of Warlord of the Sea, Blackbeard handed Ace over to the World Government and sent him to the underwater prison known as “Impel Down.”

QG Studio Portgas Ace

The details of the facial features, including the hairstyle, follow the anime’s design very well. The layers and sharpness of the hairstyle are also done very nicely, and the seam lines on the mouth are still there.

QG Studio Portgas Ace

The muscle lines of the character are depicted very distinctly. Although they are relatively slender, the portrayal of firm and powerful muscles is very accurate, and the slender lines and bulging veins are all on point. The overall transparency of the red special effects parts can rival that of rubies, making them incredibly enticing in terms of both transparency and glossiness.

QG Studio Portgas Ace

This a great rendition of Portgas D. Ace.  Fans of the character or the One Piece series may want to keep their eyes on this figure!

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