Blue Fins Studio Tingyun Figure

Discover the Charismatic Chief Representative of the Whistling Flames Merchant Guild, Tingyun!

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Blue Fins Studio Tingyun

Tingyun – Blue Fins Studio

Tingyun – Blue Fins Studio: Tingyun a character in the game “Honkai: Star Rail.” She is an agile and clever fox-girl, the chief representative of the Merchant Guild , Whistling Flames.  Tingyun was born with a wise and eloquent tongue, and whenever she spoke, people couldn’t help but want to hear more from her. Under her leadership, the trading festival of the Xianzhou Luofu gradually gained widespread fame.

The clothing details are well-crafted, especially the layered cuffs, which are well done. Not only are the wrinkles meticulously depicted, but there is also a gradient finish.

Blue Fins Studio Tingyun

In addition to depicting some muscle contours on the exposed parts of the body, texture painting is used to simulate the texture of real skin, and shading is used to enrich the texture expression.

Blue Fins Studio Tingyun

From the official images, the representation of skin texture is quite good, and of course, muscle contours are also depicted on the surface. The details and textures are quite well done, and the colors and textures have been carefully considered to create a lifelike appearance.Blue Fins Studio Tingyun

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