JOY STATION Studio Rikku Figure

Discover the vibrant and courageous character of Rikku from Final Fantasy X!

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JOY STATION Studio Rikku

Rikku – JOY STATION Studio

Rikku – JOY STATION Studio: Rikku is a cheerful girl and Yuna’s cousin. She is the daughter of the Al Bhed tribe leader, Cid, and is intelligent and full of vitality. She uses various weapons and items of the Albedo tribe in battle and can use the steal command. Rikku is one of Yuna’s guardians in the final battle against Sin. Rikku is afraid of lightning.JOY STATION Studio Rikku

JOY STATION Studio Rikku

Her chocolate-colored hair, with a gradient coating, catches the eye, along with her bright and lively eyes. The shading of her skin also looks very good, with surging waves about to emerge.
JOY STATION Studio Rikku JOY STATION Studio Rikku

Not only has the abdomen been treated with stretched muscle lines, but also with details of skin texture. The smoothness of the clothing and the details of the goggles around the neck are also well represented.

JOY STATION Studio Rikku

The pants, like the top, have excellent attention to detail, and the layering on the coating is remarkably displayed. The exposed parts of the body, besides depicting some muscle lines, also use coating to simulate the texture of real skin.

JOY STATION Studio Rikku JOY STATION Studio Rikku

Partial shading coating has been applied to the knee position, and the color and texture have been carefully considered to create such a realistic sense of the object. The rocks on the platform also have a very realistic texture in terms of color and texture.

JOY STATION Studio Rikku JOY STATION Studio Rikku

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