SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku Figure

Exploring the Iconic Characters and their Impact in the Naruto Universe!

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SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

Zabuza & Haku – SURGE Studio

Zabuza & Haku – SURGE Studio: Zabuza Momochi, also known as Demon of the Hidden Mist, is a character from the Japanese manga “Naruto” and its derivatives. He is one of the “Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist,” the second wielder of the sword Kubikiribōchō (Decapitating Carving Knife). He is ambitious and ruthless but not devoid of compassion. Zabuza excels in Water Release ninjutsu and assassination techniques, and his extraordinary silent killing skills have gained him a reputation in the ninja world.

SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

Haku is a descendant of the Snow Country, but his existence is not welcomed by people as the Snow Country is destroyed. Later, Zabuza, dissatisfied with the village’s tyranny, assassinates the Fourth Mizukage and becomes a rogue ninja. Along the way, he takes in Haku and offers him shelter.

SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

The depiction of the waves on the ground platform has a very realistic texture. The splashes of water are well-rendered, showing the patterns of the waves clearly and avoiding a messy appearance. The transparency of the special effects is also well done.

SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

The facial makeup of the characters is also well done, with attention to detail in the facial features and hairstyles, following the animation’s design. The depiction of muscle contours is also appropriately portrayed.

SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

More works are shown in the images.

SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku SURGE Studio Zabuza & Haku

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