STAND Studio Sengoku Figure

Step into the World of 'One Piece' with the Masterfully Crafted Sengoku Collectible!

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STAND Studio Sengoku

Sengoku – STAND Studio

Sengoku – STAND Studio: Sengoku, a character from the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivatives. Known as “Buddha Warring States” and “Wise Strategist Warring States,” he was the former Fleet Admiral of the Navy Headquarters. He is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit user with the ability of the Mythical Zoan “Buddha” form and possesses all three colors of Haki. After the Battle of the Summit War, he resigned from the position of Fleet Admiral.

STAND Studio Sengoku

The facial features, including the hairstyle, are well-followed based on the anime’s design. The sharpness of the hairstyle layers is also done remarkably well, and the water inlet joint lines are present.

STAND Studio Sengoku

As for the main body, the portrayal of wearing the Navy coat is done very accurately, and the corresponding wrinkles and textures are meticulously depicted.

STAND Studio Sengoku

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that as a gesture of gratitude towards the players, the studio will provide a bonus small sheep to all those who pre-order the Warring States figure. For those who missed it, the bonus item can be purchased separately.

STAND Studio Sengoku STAND Studio Sengoku

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