Brain Hole Studio Sitting Enel Figure

A close look at the former tyrannical ruler of Skypiea from One Piece!

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Brain Hole Studio Enel

Sitting Enel – Brain Hole Studio

Brain Hole Studio has announced a figure that is now ready for figure collectors.  From the popular One Piece series, it is Enel, the former tyrannical ruler of Skypiea.  Here are the specs of this particular figure!

Team: Brain Hole Studio

Product: Sitting Enel – ONE PIECE Resin Statue

Approximate Size: Height 25cm, Width 16cm, Depth 16cm

(Hand measurements may have slight discrepancies, please refer to the actual product)

Price: 499 yuan ($98.99 USD)

Material: Resin + PU

Packaging: Polystyrene + Zip Ties + Color Box + Outer Box

Stock Status: In stock

Other: Shipping fees are paid upon delivery

Brain Hole Studio Enel Brain Hole Studio Enel Brain Hole Studio Enel Brain Hole Studio Enel

With this figure in stock, fans of Enel and/or One Piece will be able to get this figure in their collection at any time this is available!

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