ShenYin Studio Totoro Figure

Discover the Enchanting New Addition to ShenYin Studio's Collection

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ShenYin Studio Totoro

Totoro – ShenYin Studio

Totoro – ShenYin Studio: ShenYin has launched a new model today – a galloping Little Totoro, with a powerful and humorous appearance that adds a unique touch to the Totoro series!

ShenYin Studio Totoro ShenYin Studio Totoro

This Little Totoro is 15 centimeters tall and is perfect as a desktop ornament. The dynamic forward pose, with a big round belly, exudes a carefree rural atmosphere.

ShenYin Studio Totoro

ShenYin Studio Totoro

Unlike the soft and adorable impression of the Totoro we know, this new model looks dominantly majestic from the front. You can almost feel the wind blowing through the forest behind the Totoro and hear the rustling footsteps running on fallen leaves!

ShenYin Studio Totoro ShenYin Studio Totoro

As the night falls, the scorching summer heat is disturbed by the loud songs of cicadas. Scattered and in a hurry, they are buried in the depths of the woods, feeling the gentle evening breeze. Sprightly woodland spirits leap onto the moon, settling quietly on the tree branches, opening their mouths wide, and calling out to the cat bus racing from afar.

ShenYin Studio Totoro ShenYin Studio Totoro

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