Tsume Gohan VS Buu : The journey of Gohan

Exploring the Growth of Dragon Ball's Gohan

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Tsume Gohan vs Buu

Tsume Gohan VS Buu

Tsume has launched the next product in their “Dragon Ball Z” HQS series after the time machine Trunks, featuring a limited edition statue of the mysterious Gohan battling against evil Majin Buu. In this Tsume Gohan VS Buu statue, the scene depicts Gohan unlocking his full potential and achieving a mysterious power state that surpasses even the Super Saiyan 3 form of his father, Goku, under the guidance of the Old Kai. He then travels to Earth to stop the murderous rampage of the evil Majin Buu. In this battle, Gohan completely dominates the third form of Majin Buu, leading to an intense showdown between the two.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

Tsume Gohan VS Buu

Scale: 1/6

Material: High-quality resin, PVC

Limited worldwide: 1400 units

Official price: 939.32 Euros

Domestic pre-order starts at 3:00 PM on November 2, 2022.

Product dimensions: L52W53H69 cm

Estimated shipping time: Fourth quarter of 2024

Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu

As indicated by the yellow and white aura effect surrounding Buu, after he eliminated his creator, he transformed into an evil form known as the third state of Buu. He eagerly awaited to eradicate the Earth and all life from the universe, leaving nothing and no one to survive in the cosmos. This impressive and muscular form is the result of the evil Buu devouring the kind-hearted Buu in the form of chocolate. With his power greatly enhanced, this insatiable villain became even stronger and was consumed by an extremely dangerous rage, even possessing the power to tear apart dimensional walls.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu

Gohan, who has the opposite goal of Buu, is a savior who strives for peace and is willing to protect the Earth from evil at any cost. After gaining mysterious powers, Gohan surprises his opponent with a sudden attack that leaves him gritting his teeth. The resin smoke and dust effects rising from the ground indicate that Gohan, using his power that surpasses that of a Super Saiyan 3, throws Buu violently into the air. Therefore, the statue features a speed effect, showing Gohan’s resolute expression as he strikes back at the perplexed pink demon Buu with a punch, narrowly missing him as they pass each other in mid-air. Gohan collides with the desert ground at the speed of light, his arm equipped with a special effect piece. Buu, on the other hand, looks shocked and pained.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu

As someone who surpassed Goku and Vegeta’s peak power level twice in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan can be said to be a person who was forced to become a peerless warrior due to circumstances but has an inner desire to become a scholar and strive for it (the Gohan tieba top post also refers to him as the way of the warrior and the path of the literary). At the age of four, he was taken hostage by his uncle Raditz, and after experiencing the grief of his father and uncle’s death, he was taken to a deserted island by Piccolo, where he lived with beasts and survived in the wilderness for six months.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

In just six months, he became a super strong fighter with a battle power close to one thousand! At the age of five, after some consideration, Gohan decided to take up the responsibility of protecting the earth and went to Namek to fight. After his father defeated the cosmic emperor Frieza, everything seemed to return to peace once again. Finally, Gohan was able to do what he wanted to do.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

Three years later, the androids appeared, and even the more terrifying and mysterious Cell appeared. Son Goku decided to take Gohan into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for training. When Goku suggested that Gohan become a Super Saiyan and even surpass his own expectations, Gohan had no confidence, even though he eventually achieved the full power of Super Saiyan. He had never thought about defeating Cell. When Goku shouted, “Fight for peace, fight to become a scholar,” Gohan finally responded with, “I understand, I’ll try.” Although he ultimately defeated Cell, the inner pain could not be healed quickly. Perhaps striving to study and catch up with his studies and achieve his own dreams would be the best response to his father.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

So we see that after seven years of self-training, Gohan finally enters high school.

Even if he is criticized for not working hard enough on his training, it doesn’t matter to him because that’s not where his passion lies.

But fate always favors Gohan’s warrior path, and yes, the emergence of another villain prompts Gohan to seek out even stronger power once again.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

This time, with the personal guidance of the Old Kai, Son Gohan was pointed out to undergo another round of potential unlocking, and unexpectedly became the strongest individual fighter, despite his original goal of becoming a scholar.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu

At this moment, in order to fight for peace, they confront the evil Majin Buu, and it is just like this two-player battle statue scene released by T Company. Gohan’s life is constantly driven towards peace and his goal of becoming a scholar, fighting with faith. Just like Balzac wrote: “A thinking man is a man of boundless power.” Gohan learned his own way of fusion between dreams and reality.

Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu Tsume Gohan vs Buu

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