Villetta Nu Megahouse Bunny Figure

MegaHouse x FREEing's Latest 1/4 Scale Figure

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Villetta Nu Megahouse

Villetta Nu Megahouse

MegaHouse and FREEing have released a 1/4 scale Villetta Nu bunny figure from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”. The black leather-clad, dominant and sadistic elder sister style is very eye-catching, and comes with a small whip that makes a “pa pa” sound! Let’s take a look at this Villetta Nu Megahouse figure!

Villetta Nu Megahouse

This Villetta Nu Magehouse figure stands 46cm tall and has a unique appearance as a black leather-clad elder sister in “Code Geass”. Although her role is not very prominent, she has always been popular among fans.

Villetta Nu Megahouse

Her single ponytail hairstyle is based on her appearance as a swimming club advisor at Ashford Academy in the anime. The combination of a shiny bodysuit, black stockings, and a small whip is an original design for the figure, but it is very appealing.

Despite her slim and tall figure, Villetta Nu has a soft, weighty feeling that gives her a “pancake” effect when placed on a surface. The hollow design on the tight-fitting suit on her abdomen is also quite alluring, revealing her perfectly flat belly and navel.

Villetta Nu Megahouse

The combination of gold eyes, purple lips, and black leather exudes a mature and sexy appeal, with a unique exotic vibe.

Her long and straight legs are very alluring, and the combination of suspenders and fishnet stockings, although a standard bunny girl configuration, is particularly appealing due to the addition of the black leather, dominant, and sadistic attributes.

In the rear view, Villetta Nu’s figure appears even slimmer, and her firm, perky buttocks are very worth seeing!

Although this is a B-style series figure, the attention to detail in Villetta Nu’s figure and body proportions is clearly better than other figures in the same series by FREEing. Fans of this black leather-clad character may want to consider adding her to their collection.

Villetta Nu Megahouse

This MegaHouse x FREEing Villetta Nu bunny figure from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” is expected to be shipped as early as December. 

Villetta Nu Megahouse

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