1/4 Scale Jeanne from Acy Studio Revealed

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Acy Studio has opened pre-order for their 1/4 Scale Jeanne from Bayonetta 2. Her white-haired fancy style as well as her red leather suit looks very eye-catching, and the deluxe version also comes with a replacement naked body!

This Jeanne is 48 cm in height, and it is the third work of Acy’s Bayonetta series after the long-haired/short-haired Bayonetta. Compared with the exaggerated style of Bayonetta, Jeanne, who is somewhat reserved and queenly, has a special charm!

Jeanne’s tight dark red leather jacket can highlight her figure. Although she isn’t as busty as Bayonetta, her sexy long legs beneath the leather are still a hit! The outline of her navel on her flat belly can also crash some sanity.

The shape of Jeanne’s steps is full of pride and gorgeous aura, the snow-white long hair fluttering in the wind are super domineering, and the head carving in the style of a mature woman is also a perfect revivification of the original work.

The details of this leather suit are very rich, and delicate zippers can be seen on the knees and feet. There are 4 “All 4 One” on both hands and feet, and you can also see the bronzing text on the muzzles.

In the scene, Jeanne’s centipede deformed in the water can be seen, which exactly echoes the familiar in the statue of Bayonetta.

The deluxe version comes with a nude body replacement part based on the standard version. The curvaceous body and lifelike details are absolutely eye-entertaining!

The detailed size of this statue is in the picture above. It’s limited to 288 pieces. Will release in Q3, 2023 estimated. If you want to order, please click the links below to have a look!

1/4 Scale Jeanne – Bayonetta 2 Resin Statue – Acy Studio

Material: Resin + PU

Scale: 1/4 Scale

Size: 48 * 37 * 34cm Estimated

Limited to 288pcs

Will release in Q3 (September) 2023 estimated.

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