PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon Figure

Exploring the Mystique of Fate/stay night's Iconic Heroine and Her Epic Journey

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PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon – PRISM Studios

Artoria Pendragon – PRISM Studios: Artoria Pendragon, one of the main heroines in the visual novel “Fate/stay night” produced and published by TYPE-MOON, also makes appearances in other works created by TYPE-MOON. In her previous life, she was King Arthur from the legends of ancient Britain. She was consistently summoned as a “Saber” class to participate in the Holy Grail Wars during the fourth and fifth iterations.

PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

Image Artoria Pendragon, in her previous life, was known as King Arthur, a legendary figure in the tales of ancient Britain. She was often referred to as the “Knight of Knights” or the “Once and Future King.” Drawing the sword of selection from the stone, she disguised her gender and lived as the ideal king, Arthur. However, due to internal conflicts, her kingdom fell into ruin, and she firmly believed that she was not suited to be a king. She hoped to use the Holy Grail to choose a new ruler for her homeland.

PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

Image In the fourth Holy Grail War, she was summoned as a Heroic Spirit in the “Saber” class to the modern world, with Emiya Kiritsugu as her Master. Their conflicting ideals led to the destruction of the Holy Grail, ending the Holy Grail War. In the fifth Holy Grail War, she was summoned once again as a “Saber,” this time with Shirou Emiya as her Master.

PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

Image Artoria Pendragon has soft, snow-white skin, shoulder-length golden hair, and emerald green eyes. She has a lovely face that doesn’t require makeup. She has a petite figure and did not grow physically after pulling the sword from the stone at the age of 15.

PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

Image In her everyday life, she adorns her hair with a blue ribbon, which gives her a refined and dignified appearance when her hair is tied up. When she lets her hair down, she appears gentle, virtuous, and more charming. She has a distinctive ahoge (a strand of hair sticking up) on her head, which she claims symbolizes the glory of a king and is off-limits to anyone to touch.

PRISM Studios Artoria Pendragon

For fans of Artoria Pendragon (Saber) or the Fate series, this figure is one you should keep an eye on!

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